Pitch aan de Raadscommissie WV Gemeente Amsterdam

October 17, 2023
Jet Linssen

Op 17 oktober 2023 bracht Nanouk de Jong van het Baaibuurt Collectief een pitch aan de raadscommissie Woningbouw en Volkshuisvesting in de Gemeente Amsterdam over de omstandigheden in de Baaibuurt op het Zeeburgereiland. In haar speech besteedt ze aandacht aan de situatie van de studenten (die straks dakloos worden), en benadrukt ze de waarde en bijzondere eigenschappen van de gehele gemeenschap.

De Pitch is hier te bekijken.

Een transcriptie van de speech is hieronder te lezen in het Engels.

“Dear council members,

I am standing here on behalf of the residents of ZZW, a student community of 235 people on Zeeburgereiland.
I would like to share our vision with you, a vision that we as a student community share with the municipality, namely the development of a green, social Baaibuurt-West. Our vision is not just that; we dream of a neighborhood that is not only sustainable, but also regenerative. A place where the ecosystem and creativity play a central role, where generations come together and where collective ownership, caring for each other in a green environment with room for creativity is the norm.

Sadly, despite being determined to invest into our future, we find ourselves threatened by homelessness. On September 13, 2023, our housing organization DUWO informed us that we must vacate our homes on June 30, 2024. While we as students are busy to hopefully complete our academic year at the end of June. Moreover, DUWO appears unwilling to provide alternative housing, which endangers our studies.

The municipality plays an important role in the development of this situation, but can play a role in its solution. On behalf of the municipality, DUWO must empty the Zuiderzeeweg for new construction. Moving the end date to June 30, 2024, just after the start of the academic year, has left many of us wondering whether we can graduate with all the stress that the prospect of homelessness in an overheated housing market causes. We urgently ask the municipality for a postponement of 3 months, so that we can complete our academic year in the peace and quiet of our home and move in the summer. Young people in general face enormous challenges, including the housing crisis, the climate crisis, debt and mental health issues.

We experience that living together in a social and green environment with room for creativity has a positive effect on our mental health. It stimulates our resilience.

We argue that communal living arrangements in green areas, such as ours, should be preserved as the city expands, but currently we see these living arrangements making way for lonely studio containers.

It is crucial to involve the younger generation in the development of social, innovative and green neighborhoods, because we are the future. This is where future city planners, ecologists, artists, policy makers and designers live. We work together with the other communities of Baaibuurt-West who are also threatened with displacement, to realize our shared vision.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that we share a common vision with the municipality, and that we are willing to work together to build the future of our city. We once again request that you grant us a 3-month postponement so that we can complete our academic year in peace. We also invite you to come by and experience what kind of place we have built, and to listen to our proposal for a sustainable living/making community in Baaibuurt-West, developed in collaboration with the rest of the neighborhood.

Thank you for your attention.”